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Welcome to KeeGo !

The Team

Our consultants possess both business know-how and extensive IT experience. They accompany you in all project phases and are still available, when the system  has to prove itself  in the daily routine. They act proactivly and responsibly. A good network enables lively knowledge-exchange and short-term qualified answers.  more...   

Need a SAP-Workshop?

Go-live has successfully passed, business again on top of the list, project team has been dissolved. How do I harmonize the standard transactions, which kind of figures can I draw from the system without creating every single analysis in excel? How can I myself customize the system without again hiring a consultant? The simple, efficient and reasonably priced  answer to these typical requirements could be a tailored workshop.  

New Hardware!

Nightmare of every user: new system landscapes. Nothing is where it was before, cryptic error messages, possibly even data loss. Our network-architects know exactly how to structure this task in a reasonable way. Based on latest technologies and proved lifecycle-strategies your system is perfectly  under control and you can invest your energy where it actually belongs… in your core business.